Decorating with Glass Bottles

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Decorating with Glass Bottles

Every time I go to a beach, I always check out the shells. The urge to collect them is just too strong to deny, so I often come home with a few new shells or pieces of sea glass. My kids also like to pick up the smoothest stones they can find. But the thing about a habit like this? You end up with a lot of homeless shells.

That’s where glass bottles come into play. Glass bottles can bring such a fresh, cool look to rooms — especially when filled with something beachy like sea glass, sand or shells. I love the airiness too. Using shell-filled glass bottles in a cluster brings together this cool decorating idea and the shells that I can’t help to bring home. It’s a win-win.

Want to do a little decorating with glass bottles? Here are a few tips for using them to make a pretty display:

  • Choose different shapes and sizes – Don’t be afraid to mix it up! I have a variety of bottles including minis, vintage Mason jars, new jars and even a pretty lid-less jar with bubbles in the glass. The varying heights add visual interest — and you can switch them up once in a while to refresh the look.
  • Mix up the contents – Who says that you have to have a certain shell or a mish-mash of them? You decide what will work best for your beachy jar display. When I was filling my jars, I decided to fill them with different sea-based things. I have scallop shells in one, tiny shells in another, etc.
  • Take one away – Don’t go overboard! Too many jars will be more hoarders than pretty display. So, much like jewelry, when you set up your display remove one jar. You want to¬† keep it fun and airy — without being too much. Less is more and all that.
  • Fill them over time – Don’t feel pressured to have them filled right away. Part of the fun of a display like this is collecting shells over time and adding to your collection. So, it’s a-ok if you only have a few shells in each jar at first. Even better, you can get them from different beaches too (Florida shells are so different from Connecticut ones!)


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  1. Kristin says:

    Oh I love glass jars. I could fill up the whole house with different ones. These are beautiful!

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