Every Writer Has a Dream

| September 26, 2012 | 3 Comments

Every writer has a dream. Maybe it’s to be a successful freelance writer. Maybe it’s to write a book. Maybe it’s just to be paid for your creativity.

Dream. Write. Do. is a newsletter for any freelance writer who’s going after their dreams. It’s about fueling creativity, enjoying life and letting happiness emerge. It’s about feeling the joy of goals met. It’s about answering that inner call of, “I want more than this.” It’s about aspiring to be a great writer with a fabulous writing career — and taking the steps to get there. It will be sent just once each month, and will be filled with inspiring advice, links to must-read articles and more.

Writing my column, Chasing the Dream, has allowed me to learn so much about being a mother going after your dreams — and share that with my readers on SheKnows. I feel blessed every time my column publishes and every time I see someone else sharing it on Facebook and other social media channels. And I want to do more. It’s not just moms going after their dreams. It’s people everywhere. And being a freelance writer myself, I want to encourage and help other aspiring writers.

Signing up is easy (see the handy form below) and absolutely free.

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  1. I’m just beginning to think about a career in freelance – I can’t wait to learn from and read the newsletter.

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