Season’s First Snow

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When I was a child, we’d see our first snow sometime in November. In December, we’d all hope and pray for a white Christmas, though it rarely happened. But as I reached adulthood, it seemed like the first snow came later and later — into December and sometimes not until January. Last year, we had only one big snow — in October.

But this year? The first snow came yesterday. It’s November, though a little early. Yesterday afternoon and this morning, the kids took great pleasure in playing outside. They rode sleds down our inclines and built snowmen. Will went off to school thinking there would be more snow play this afternoon.

Then he came home. Homework was done, but by the time it was the sun had descended into the hills (an ill-effect of daylight savings time). There probably won’t be anymore snowmen tomorrow either — at last glance, much of the snow had melted away.

While it lasted though, the kids loved it.

This year, a white Christmas would be nice but what I am really hoping for a few good snowstorms over the winter. Not back to back that dump feet of snow on feet of snow (like, ahem, in 2011) though … that wouldn’t be good. I just want a nice winter with snow.

Is that so much to ask?

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