The Tale of the Kite

| May 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

flying kite

Will was so excited to fly his new kite last summer. It was special — a sturdy, large fabric kite that would soar high. He waited and waited for the wind to be just right. Then, one day it was so he took the kite to the beach for its first flight. Once he had it up in the air, he didn’t want it to come down. So he flew it for more than an hour … until he forgot he was holding it.

Then, he accidentally let go.

That special kite, so far up in the air, continued soaring — as it drifted away, just out of reach. That perfect wind he’d waited for swept the kite down the beach. He ran after it to no avail. It flew up and out of sight.

We looked for the kite. Up and down the beach. Up and down the street. But the kite was gone.

And Will, who had waited so patiently for the perfect time for his kite’s first flight, was devastated. His amazing kite had seemingly vanished — or so we thought.

While looking for it, we finally spotted it. The kite was tangled at the top of a very tall tree far down the street — far out of reach. It was almost worse — since we could see it but couldn’t retrieve it. We didn’t think we’d ever get it back. Will was so upset.

A few days later, it was gone.

The story doesn’t end there though. Turns out the homeowner had managed to cut the kite free and held onto it, thinking that someone might come back for it. One of our relatives did. Will was so excited to have it back.

Now the kite sits in the basement again, waiting for a new string and that perfect summer breeze to fly again.


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  1. Susan says:

    Oh how I remember that day – the long face on Will!

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