Lamp Makeover: A Whimsical New Look

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Don’t toss that ceramic lamp! Instead, give your old lamp a whimsical new look with an easy lamp makeover.

Lamp Makeover After

When I saw the old white lamp in the basement during a cleaning binge, I nearly donated it. The lamp had clearly seen better days, sitting there forgotten with a few chips and discoloration. It used to light the children’s nursery, but was replaced with cuter lamps when my son and daughter got their own rooms. Fortunately, I am terrible at throwing things out so it was relocated to the basement.

At first, I was begrudgingly going to put a new lampshade on it and call it done. But my office is a sanctuary for my work, and the lamp really wasn’t a good fit as is. But late one night, while making plans for projects I wanted to do, I was struck with an epiphany: I could totally rehab that lamp with some paint and the packages of Mod Podge and glitter I have stashed away from other projects. It could be a total shiny masterpiece. The next day, as I was spray painting our old mailbox to remove all signs of graffiti (thank you local high schoolers circa five years ago), I decided to spray painting the lamp black would be a perfect first step.

Here’s how I gave this old lamp a whimsical new look with an easily (seriously — if I can do this, anyone can) lamp makeover.


Lamp Makeover Before

This old lamp was fine the way it was — minus a few impections from getting knocked over from time to time by the kids. But I wanted something a little whimsical and edgy for my office.


spray painting lamp

I started by taping off all the areas that I wanted to remain white — the power cord and light socket, namely. Then I spray painted the lamp black — two coats ensured that I got every nook and crevice.

glittering the lamp supplies

Next, came the glitter. Using Mod Podge paste, I first applied glue with a foam brush and then sprinkled a very thick coating of metallic blue glitter on the base and drizzled spots on the body of the lamp. Once it was dry, I gently brushed off the excess glitter.

Now, the lamp was glittery but matte, so I applied three coats of Mod Podge Super High Gloss Spray which both set the glitter and gave the lamp an awesome shine all over.

ribbon detailing lamp

Finally, I used my hot glue gun to apply ribbon detail to the lamp, finishing it off.


Lamp Makeover Final

Yes, it’s a little silly, but I love the fun lamp that now sits on my desk.

What you need for this lamp makeover:

  • Old ceramic lamp
  • Painters tape
  • Black matte spray paint
  • ModPodge glue
  • Glitter
  • ModPodge Super High Gloss spray
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Ribbon
  • Lamp shade


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  1. Cathy says:

    Such a fun new look…I bet it was a blast to make!

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