Break Out of Your Routine (30 Days to a Better You)

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30 days to a better you

Do you have a routine? You know, the daily flow of things you do that becomes almost automatic? Well, it’s time to break out of that routine and energize your day.

Last week was the most productive week I’ve had in months. Every day, I had long to-do lists staring me down. And every day I plowed through them — even when they were crazy long. There’s an incredible sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing all those to-dos crossed out.

In the words of Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing.

So, what made me explode with productivity? I tossed my routine out the window. Where I normally would zig, I zagged instead. On the busiest of the days, I awoke extra early and worked for more than three hours in the morning (while also packing lunches and getting the kids on the bus) before doing something totally different. I took a break to go play tennis with a high school friend. After an hour and a half on the court, I returned to work a little tired, but totally ready to tackle the rest of my many to-dos.

A few days later, I found myself at our local library picking up a few new books to dig into. Normally, I only go to the library with the kids — and never in the middle of a work day. But the disruption in my habits and routine just energized my day.

Try it. It might be a little uncomfortable, especially if you are really ingrained in your routine, but it’s worth it.

Inspired Journaling: How did you change up your routine? Was it uncomfortable? Did you find yourself more focused on work when you returned? Tell yourself the truth in your journal today.

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