Write a Thank You Note (30 Days to a Better You)

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30 days to a better you

A few weeks after moving into our new house, I ran into a neighbor. Smiling broadly, she hurried across the street to my driveway.

“I received the card you sent. It was so kind – thank you,” she said, her face bright. The note — a simple thank you card I’d sent after she dropped off amazing cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood — was something I had done out of desperation. I wanted to thank her but hadn’t seen her so I had penned a note and sent it without a thought. But seeing her face, and hearing how well it was received, I wondered if I’ve been missing the boat all these years by choosing email over handwritten notes.

When was the last time you sent a thank you note? Whether it’s thanking someone for a kindness, for their continued support or something else, there is great power in taking the time to hand-write and mail a thank you note.

Do it today.

Inspired Journaling: Make a list of all the people and reasons you want to send thank you notes …

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