A Pirate-Lover’s Guide to Connecticut

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Pirate Lovers Guide to Connecticut

Psst! I’m going to let you in on a little secret: In Connecticut, we love pirates. And it’s no wonder. With a history that’s ripe with pirate lore (it’s a known fact that the notorious Captain William Kidd once walked the streets of Milford) and rumors of buried treasure (but where did Kidd bury it?!?), it’s ingrained in the Connecticut spirit. New England travel isn’t complete without a little Connecticut pirate fun.

Pirate’s Days

Mystic Seaport | May 3-4, 2014 | More Information

Mystic Seaport — a historic seaport that’s home to tall ships, maritime history and more —  hosts a special annual pirate event filled with fun and excitement. From treasure maps to a special Planetarium show all about pirating on the high seas and even a little crafting, Pirate’s Days is a combination of fun and pirating education. Kind of a fun mix, right?

Visit Charles Island

Milford | Ongoing | More Information

Off the coast of Milford stands a unique island that’s rumored to hold great treasures. It’s further rumored that those treasures are cursed and anyone who does find them … well, you can use your imagination. What’s really special about Charles Island is that at low tide, it’s connected to the shore by a tombolo — a sort of sandbar that runs between the beach and the island, allowing visitors to walk to its rocky shores. Beware though — you want to time your visit well to avoid being stranded on the island — or caught in a riptide on the way back from the island.

10th Annual Cap’n Kidd Treasure Hunt Pirates Day

Milford | June 8, 2014 | More Information

Milford’s love of pirates is so legendary (hello! Captain Kidd really did stop here!) that they’ve crafted a whole annual event around the lore. Join in the afternoon of fun (the event runs from 12 pm-5 pm) where Captain Kidd and his comrades sail into Milford Harbor, kidnap Mayor Ben Blake and “take over” downtown Milford. Come dressed as a pirate, and pick up your treasure map for a massive Downtown Milford scavenger hunt. There’s music, pirate duels and more. Yes, it’s crazy, swash-buckling fun.

Tour the Thimble Islands

Stony Creek | Ongoing | More Information

The Thimble Islands are a collection of small islands — more than 100 of them, in fact. And legend has it, Captain Kidd buried his treasure on one of them. Now, whether it’s true or not? Well, it might just have been a story made up by an inventive ships captain wanting to sell more tours of the islands. But, whether it’s true or not, taking a tour of the Thimble Islands will shed some light on the tales — and be a fun excursion too.

Bring a Little Pirate Fun Home

Your House | Ongoing | More Information

Okay, so this one isn’t specific to Connecticut. But it’s super fun — especially if your kids adore pirates (and mine do!). Tinker Bell is starring in an all-new movie with a tale from the world of Peter Pan … It’s called The Pirate Fairy, and it’s being released on Blu-ray™ and Digital HD  on April 1. Why not curl up on the couch with the kids, a bowl of popcorn and … this super fun new movie about pirates, fairies and Neverland. How can you go wrong?

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  1. Gotta love family-friendly outings that are both fun and steeped in historical tradition.

    • Sarah W. Caron says:

      Right? I’m excited to dig a little deeper into Connecticut’s pirate history this summer with the kids.

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