Sarah by the Sea is a lifestyle site focusing on the joys of living and working by the beach. From decorating in a beachy style to reading to managing a freelance career, this site will cover a wide variety of topics. It will also cover my family’s quest to become full year beach residents.

My name is Sarah W. Caron, and this is my dream.

Currently, my family and I live in the country for most of the year. The Country House is our small home in a more rural area of Connecticut where farms still dot the landscape. It’s peaceful but can be a little isolating in the cold, snowy New England winter days. In the summer months, the kids and I pack up and head to the Cottage, a house on the Connecticut shoreline that’s been my summer retreat since early childhood. Yes, I know how lucky and blessed I am.

So, who am I?

I am a freelance writer, editor and recipe developer who has contributed to dozens of print and online publications from Betty Crocker to iVillage to SheKnows.com. For SheKnows, I write the popular column Chasing the Dream about moms going after their dreams. I also blog about home cooking and raising a healthy family on my food blog, Sarah’s Cucina Bella. You can learn more about my professional experience on SarahCaron.com.

When I am not testing recipes, interviewing inspiring women or writing features, I love reading, adore travel and shopping and crave the sand between my toes. I’m also mom to two sweet beach loving kids, Will and Paige. My husband, Shawn, and I have two beagles — Scrappy, who’s the classic scent following hound, and Snoopy, who thinks he’s human. We’re a busy, active family.

On Sarah by the Sea, you can expect to find a variety of topics:

  • Musings on beach style and living
  • Tips on writing, freelancing and time management
  • Book reviews (including the beach rating so you can tell if a book is just right for a breezy beach day)
  • Day trip ideas in Connecticut and beyond
  • Travel tips and info
  • Healthy living strategies

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